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Coronavirus: Italy imposes strict lockdown in outbreak hotspots

Italy has introduced "extraordinary measures" to tackle the spread of the biggest outbreak of the new coronavirus in Europe. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced the emergency plan late on Saturday as the number of cases rose to 79. The measures were imposed after two Italian citizens were confirmed to have died from the virus. A dozen towns in the northern regions of Lombardy and Veneto have been effectively quarantined under the plan. ... Full story

Say your truths and seek them in others

In a lyrical, unexpectedly funny talk about heavy topics such as frayed relationships and the death of a loved one, Elizabeth Lesser describes the healing process of putting aside pride and defensiveness to make way for soul-baring and truth-telling. "You don't have to wait for a life-or-death situation to clean up the relationships that matter to you," she says. "Be like a new kind of first responder ... the one to take the first courageous ... Full story

The Life Cycle of Planes, as Told in Stunning Aerial Photos

An airplane's lifespan isn't something most passengers think about until something annoying or unnerving happens—maybe an air vent starts dripping, or the bathroom door won't lock, or a loud noise makes everyone sit up straighter in their seats. But planes, like people, have beginnings, middles, and ends. Mike Kelley captures the full arc in Life Cycles , a stunning series of aerial photographs shot from above factories, airports and boneyards. ... Full story

Register for North Charleston, SC

By entering your mobile number you are agreeing to receive periodic text messages from Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. Message data rates may apply. Text "STOP" to opt-out. T&C/Privacy Policy: Event Schedule. North Charleston, Sc. North Charleston Coliseum & Performing Arts Center. 5001 Coliseum Dr. North Charleston, SC 29418 Full story

College student Yeming Shen died of flu in Troy, N.Y., after 911 couldn’t track his location. Post

Yeming Shen called 911 on Feb. 10. He was alone in his Troy, N.Y., apartment, dying of the flu . But the garbled call was unintelligible to the operators, and police couldn’t pinpoint the phone’s location. For 45 minutes after Shen called 911, five police officers, three firefighters and a police dog searched in vain for the student. All they had was a general area encompassing two apartment buildings. They eventually gave up without finding ... Full story

The One War That the Human Species Can’t Lose

Sign up for Bill McKibben’s new Climate Crisis newsletter and get weekly updates from inside the climate movement. On the final day of my expedition to Antarctica last year, ten of us set out on a Zodiac to tour dozens of icebergs in nature’s wondrous ocean museum. The frozen sculptures glistened in exquisite hues of blue and cyan; iceberg colors vary by the density of air bubbles. Each was formed after snapping off an ancient glacier. The ... Full story

Feds' plan to relocate coronavirus patients puts region at risk, California city says

Feb. 23, 2020, 3:31 AM UTC. Leaders in Costa Mesa, California, said Saturday they were kept in the dark until the last minute about plans by federal health agencies to transfer dozens of coronavirus patients to an empty building in their city in a move they said could put the entire region at risk . The Southern California city was granted a restraining order Friday night by a federal judge to temporarily halt the relocation of up to 50 ... Full story

18 Things You Need To Give Up To Become A High-Achieving Person

Success is just as much about what we give up as it is what we gain. Unsplash. A secret about success is that it is just as much about what you give up as what you gain. Are you willing to give up late nights out for late nights in working? Are you willing to turn a deaf ear to blind criticisms? Are you willing to listen to helpful ones? Are you going to be able to give up the doubt, the resistance, the uncertainty, the avoidance mechanisms? As ... Full story

Leap year saved our societies from chaos—for now, at least

It's that time again: Next Saturday, February 29, is a leap day, the calendar oddity that occurs (almost) every four years. For centuries, attempts to sync calendars with the length of the natural year have sowed chaos—until the concept of leap year provided a way to make up for lost time. "It all comes down to the fact that the number of Earth's revolutions about its own axis, or days, is not connected in any way to how long it takes for the ... Full story

France's Macron: unclear if EU-Britain to have trade deal by year-end

French President Emmanuel Macron gestures as he talks during the 57th International Agriculture Fair (Salon international de l'Agriculture) at the Porte de Versailles exhibition center in Paris, France February 22, 2020. Ludovic Marin/Pool via REUTERS. PARIS (Reuters) - French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday cast doubt over the likelihood of the European Union and Britain reaching a post-Brexit trade deal by the end of the year, saying he ... Full story