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BTS’s Jungkook Runs Into Unexpected Consequence From Mention Of Fabric Softener

BTS’s Jungkook shows his popularity even with a fabric softener! On January 20, Jungkook paid a visit to the official fan cafe of BTS and chatted with his fans. While on the topic of laundry, fans asked the idol what products he uses to do laundry, and Jungkook shared the brand of fabric softener that he currently uses. Immediately afterwards, ARMYs showed their desire to use the same fabric softener as the BTS member. It soon led to a shortage ... Full story

Watch: SEVENTEEN Wants To Be Your “Home” In New MV

The 13-member group just dropped their sixth mini album “You Made My Dawn.” The album includes the title track “Home,” which was composed by Woozi, Bumzu, and Seungkwan, as well as the song “Good to Me,” tracks by each of the group’s three teams, and the previously revealed “ Getting Closer. ”. “Home” expresses the comfortable feeling of a place that brightens the darkness. The lyrics show affectionate emotions about wanting to give this ... Full story

Denied Use of Roundabouts, Can Yellow Vests Stay United, Visible and Viable?

People who felt abandoned found an unlikely sense of community at the traffic circles. Without such a central gathering place, will the movement dissipate or get swept up in extremist politics? Full story

How We Apologize Now

The iPhone app Notes has become the medium of choice for celebrity mea culpas. Full story

Kang Daniel’s Agency Reveals Plans For His Upcoming Solo Debut

Kang Daniel is gearing up for his solo debut! On January 21, Kang Daniel interacted with fans through a live broadcast on Instagram. Talking about what he has been up to, he shared, “We are preparing for Wanna One’s last concert,” and added, “My official fan cafe opened today. I hope a lot of people register!”. He then hinted to fans, “I cannot go into detail about my upcoming plans, but see you in April.” With this statement, fans speculated ... Full story

Trump’s efforts to stave off impeachment may also doom his reelection

There’s a method to President Trump’s shutdown madness — and it actually makes a lot of sense once you realize that the shutdown isn’t about “the wall.” It’s not about “winning.” It’s not about beating “Chuck and Nancy.” Trump’s quixotic shutdown fight is really about consolidating his political base to prevent any —Republicans from impeaching him when the Mueller report comes out. The bad news is that Trump’s decision to double down on his ... Full story

Massive new study traces how corporations use charitable donations to tilt regulations in their favor Post

Back in 2011, when AT&T and T-Mobile were attempting to gain approval from the Federal Communications Commission for an ultimately doomed $39 billion merger deal, an unusual coalition of interest groups submitted comment to the agency in support of the merger : the NAACP. The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD). A homeless shelter in Louisiana. The Asian Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund. The groups were united by two ... Full story

BTS Announce New Book 'The Notes 1'

After weeks of teasing a new project based around its The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Notes narrative, South Korean septet BTS announced its first book today (Jan. 20). The Notes 1 will be released in March, and tie into the act's BU, or "BTS Universe," creative storyline. The new book will be released on March 5, and is currently available for pre-order from Big Hit Entertainment's website in Korean, English, and Japanese, both individually ... Full story

Here’s why we need to stop celebrating ‘superparents’

(iStock) (Choreograph/iStock). Supermoms who juggle it all and superdads who coach every team, I’m putting you on notice: I’ll be directing my applause elsewhere. Of course, you didn’t need it anyway. You have the esteem of all of social media, applauding your success in career and parenting, racking up the accolades like badges on your grown-up Girl Scout/Boy Scout sash. “How do they do it?” we marvel, convinced you must have found the ... Full story

Park Ji Hoon To Hold His First Solo Asia Fan Meeting

Park Ji Hoon is preparing for his first fan meeting! Following Wanna One’s final concerts, Park Ji Hoon will greet fans by himself for the first time through his fan meeting “First Edition” in Seoul. The fan meeting will be held at Grand Peace Palace on February 9 at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. KST. As it is titled the “2019 Asia Fan Meeting in Seoul,” it appears likely that the fan meeting will be held in other Asian locations, as well. Ticketing for ... Full story