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An at-home fingerprick blood test may help detect your exposure to coronavirus

Americans may soon be able to learn if they've ever been infected with COVID-19 with a prick of their finger and a smartphone — and without having to leave their homes. A Los Angeles digital healthcare company called Scanwell Health is seeking U.S. government clearance for a kit that lets users submit a scanned image of a blood test to doctors via their phones. Within a few hours, according to the company, the user will learn whether the blood ... Full story

Coronavirus: China mourns Covid-19 victims with three-minute silence

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption A day of remembrance is held in China to honour those who have died in the coronavirus outbreak. China has mourned the victims of the coronavirus outbreak by observing a three-minute silence, bringing the nation to a halt. A day of remembrance was declared in China on Saturday to honour the more than 3,300 people who died of Covid-19. At 10:00 local time (03:00 GMT), people stood still ... Full story

UN chief praises positive response to global ceasefire

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Friday that over a dozen countries have said they will begin or continue ceasefires, in response to his appeal for warring parties to stop fighting amid the COVID-19 pandemic that is having devastating effects worldwide. Fighters in Afghanistan, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Colombia, Libya, Myanmar, the Philippines, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine and Yemen have all "expressed their ... Full story

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie is donating $1 million to coronavirus research at Penn Medicine

Penn Medicine announced Friday that it is establishing a COVID-19 Immunology Defense Fund with a $1 million donation from Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie. The money will go toward an emerging research program to test endangered health care workers for potential immunity to COVID-19 as well as research toward a treatment and an eventual vaccine, according to a press release from Penn Medicine. “We are in the midst of a humanitarian crisis that is ... Full story

This is How to Make Your Own Sanitizer at Home

There’s been a run on hand sanitizer during this dark time of pandemic hoarding. It’s pretty much impossible to find anywhere, and bleach is in short supply, too. The good news is that the ingredients to make your own sanitizer should still be easy to find, and as DIY projects go, making it at home is actually very simple. Also, you’ve got the time. There are two types of at-home sanitizer you can make that are approved by health officials ... Full story

Confirmed COVID-19 cases in Portugal exceed 10,000: health authorities - Xinhua

LISBON, April 4 (Xinhua) -- The total confirmed COVID-19 cases in Portugal passed the 10,000 mark on Saturday, reaching 10,524, according to the Portuguese health authorities. Portugal reported 638 new cases of infection and 20 deaths associated with the COVID-19 on Saturday. Now total death toll stands at 266, the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) said in its daily bulletin. Among the fatalities, 254 aged above 60. A total of 5,518 people ... Full story

This Vegan Chocolate Almond Butter Bar Recipe Melts In Your Mouth

Our editors have independently chosen the products listed on this page. If you purchase something mentioned in this article, we may earn a small commission . These bars are for the people who see a chocolate nut butter cup and want to up the nut butter ratio by a lot—I'm one of those people. This recipe uses a ton of almond butter to create a thick and creamy nut butter base, with some maple syrup stirred in for sweetness and coconut oil and ... Full story

Daily Distraction: Kicking Monday away

What what? The weekend is over? I didn’t get that memo until my alarm rudely woke me up today. I mostly spend the weekend cleaning my house and talking to my friends over the Houseparty app. Some of them called me today and their faces were as dead as a dementor because it’s Monday. While I work from home even when there’s no lockdown, my friends work in an office, and they were really missing crap food their office served. If you have some of ... Full story

Dr. Fauci would like all 50 states to have stay-at-home orders

Trump denies a major recession is coming. Dr. Anthony Fauci , the country's top infectious disease doctor, said he thinks every state in the nation should have stay-at-home orders to help stop the spread of the coronavirus . At the time he spoke, 10 states still didn't have a stay-at-home mandate. Fauci, who appears regularly at the White House's daily Coronavirus Task Force briefings, made his remarks Thursday during a CNN town hall after host ... Full story

Letting go of solid ground

There Are Many Stages Of The Process Of Transformation. There is a stage where you feel something in you that is behind your social façade and your social relationships to people. You feel a somebody-ness which we call ‘soul’ . Like you feel an entity. Then as you get deeper into the transformative work, that thing starts to dissolve. There’s no self; there’s no one. Then you see that there are just processes going on. There’s nobody there; ... Full story