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John David Washington to Star in Christopher Nolan’s Next Film (EXCLUSIVE)

Christopher Nolan has tapped “ BlacKkKlansman ’s” John David Washington to star in his next “event film,” sources tell Variety . Nolan recently finished the script for the movie and Warner Bros. quickly dated it for July 17, 2020 — a slot the studio often reserves for the director, most recently with “Dunkirk.” Not only was the film a huge success at the box office bringing in $526 million at the worldwide Box Office but earned Nolan a Oscar ... Full story

How to help cyclone victims in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe

Cyclone Idai has triggered massive floods, displaced thousands in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe, and killed more than 200 people so far — a toll that could eventually surpass 1,000, Mozambique President Filipe Nyusi said on Monday. The storm has nearly obliterated Mozambique’s fourth largest city, devastating 90 percent of Beira, according to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Heavy rains, expected to ... Full story

Domestic abusers 'sewing GPS trackers into teddy bears'

Image caption Domestic abusers have been known to sew trackers into their childrens' toys or coats. Technology is increasingly being used by domestic abusers to trap, control or hunt down their victims, Refuge has told the Victoria Derbyshire programme. "It made me feel sick to the pit of my stomach - am I going to be able to break free from this relationship fully?" says "Ellen", who was stalked by her ex-husband using their family computer. ... Full story

Could you run a marathon in your 80s?

Image caption Irene Obera (l), Emma Maria Mazzenga and Constance Marmour compete at the World Masters Athletics Championships in 2015. While many in their 80s and 90s may be starting to take it easy, 85-year-old track star Irene Obera is at the other end of the spectrum. Setting multiple world athletics records in her age category, she is one of a growing band of "master athletes" who represent the extreme end of what is physically possible ... Full story

Brexit: Theresa May will not ask EU for long extension News

Theresa May will not be asking the EU for a long delay when she formally requests that Brexit is postponed. Number 10 said the PM shares the public's "frustration" at Parliament's "failure to take a decision". EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier has said the EU would not grant a delay without a "concrete plan" from the UK about what they would do with it. Under current law, the UK will leave the EU - with or without a deal - in nine days. This ... Full story

Ardern calls for global anti-racism fight

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern spoke exclusively to the BBC's Clive Myrie. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has called for a global fight to root out racist right-wing ideology following last week's deadly attack on two mosques in Christchurch. In one of her first interviews since then, she told the BBC that she rejected the idea that a rise in immigration was fuelling racism. ... Full story

Lee Dong Wook And Yoo In Na Are Heartbroken Following Break Up In “Touch Your Heart”

tvN’s “ Touch Your Heart ” has released new stills featuring Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na . In previous episodes, Kwon Jung Rok (Lee Dong Wook) decided to break up with Oh Jin Shim (Yoo In Na) after she regains her popularity as an actress. While Kwon Jung Rok was opposed to the idea at first, he then recalled all the times that Oh Jin Shim described her acting days, during which she said acting has always made her feel happy and alive. In new ... Full story

Girl’s Day’s Yura Signs With Park Seo Joon’s Agency

Yura has selected a new agency! On March 20, industry representatives reported that the Girl’s Day member is joining Awesome ENT after departing Dream T Entertainment. In response to the reports, Awesome ENT confirmed that Yura has signed an exclusive contract with the company. Through an official statement, the agency commented, “Not only does Yura have charms as a singer, but she also has much potential to grow as a great actress. We will ... Full story

Park Min Young Shows Off Her Chic And Professional Side In New Drama “Her Private Life”

tvN has released the first stills of Park Min Young in upcoming drama “Her Private Life”! “Her Private Life” is a romantic comedy about Sung Duk Mi (played by Park Min Young), a professional curator at an art gallery who is secretly an idol fangirl, and her boss Ryan Gold (played by Kim Jae Wook ). It is directed by producing director Hong Jong Chan and penned by screenwriter Kim Hye Young. In the photos, Park Min Young shows the professional ... Full story

Brexit deadlock shows 'democracy all but dead' Trump Jr

Image caption Donald Trump Jr, said an anti-establishment movement was behind both Brexit and his father's election. The current deadlock over Brexit and possible delay to the UK's planned leaving date of 29 March suggests democracy in the UK is "all but dead", Donald Trump Jr has claimed. Mr Trump Jr, who is the US president's son but holds no political position, wrote a column in the Daily Telegraph. In it, he criticises Theresa May for ... Full story