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Dubai Fountain: The story behind its dancing waters

Editor's Note — CNN's series often carry sponsorship originating from the countries and regions we profile. However, CNN retains full editorial control over all of its reports. Our sponsorship policy. (CNN) — Like a moth to a flame, visitors to Dubai invariably swarm around the colossal fountain at the foot of the Burj Khalifa. It's easy to see why: at more than 900-feet long, firing water 50 stories into the sky, the fountain is impressive, to ... Full story

The robot cleaner that kills germs in hotel beds | CNN Travel

(CNN) — Ever spent a sleepless night in a hotel room freaking out about all the germs you might be sharing a bed with? Chances are you're going to want to get your sanitized hands on a new invention that promises to expunge all bacteria from between the sheets in a matter of minutes. CleanseBot is a portable robotic hotel room cleaner that's now in production following a crowdsourcing campaign that raised nearly $1.5 million -- clearly there's ... Full story

Paul Manafort should be jailed for 19-24 years BBC News

Image caption Paul Manafort also faces a possible fine of between $50,000 and $24m. US President Donald Trump's former election campaign chief Paul Manafort should be jailed for up to 24 years, special counsel Robert Mueller says. Manafort was convicted of financial fraud on charges relating to his work as a political consultant in Ukraine. He accepted a plea deal on the charges in return for co-operating with Mr Mueller's probe into Russian ... Full story

10 Life Lessons From Elle Woods From Legally Blonde - Vogue

It’s been 15 years since Elle Woods entered the hallowed halls of Harvard in Legally Blonde . The film gave us such cultural treasures as all-pink ensembles, a pint-size pup named Bruiser, and, of course, the bend-and-snap (works every time). And while actress Reese Witherspoon has gone on to win an Academy Award, start her own lifestyle label, and r aise a family , her pink-adoring alter ego only gets better with age, too. In honor of Legally ... Full story

Electronic GPS tags to track thousands of criminals in England and Wales

Image caption The technology will mean police will know the whereabouts of an offender at all times. Thousands of criminals in England and Wales will be tagged with GPS trackers to allow authorities to trace them 24 hours a day. Currently, electronic tags are linked to a box at a fixed address, such as an offender's home, with alerts generated if they are not there at certain hours. But the new location tags will track a person's movements ... Full story

Kang Min Kyung shares first key image for her solo debut

Davichi 's Kang Min Kyung has released her first key visual teaser image for her solo debut! In the teaser photo, Kang Min Kyung shows off her flawless side profile and reveals the name of her solo debut title track, " Because I Love You ". Kang Min Kyung's full solo debut EP is set for release on February 27! Full story

Photos Show F-14 Used In Top Gun 2 Production Snared In Carrier's Crash Barricade

Just yesterday, we reported that the F-14 Tomcat used in the production of Top Gun 2 , as well as Tom Cruise, were spotted aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt . Now, new photos have come to light showing that same aircraft entangled in the ship's crash barricade. As we noted in our previous piece, this is the first time a Tomcat has been on the deck of an operational U.S. Navy carrier in years. In addition, we have also obtained more information ... Full story

Official BTS 'Funko Pop! Rocks' figures are here!

Official BTS ' Funko Pop! Rocks ' figures are now available for pre-order! You can order the 7 BTS members individually, or order the Barnes & Nobles exclusive 7-pack set (which seems to be unavailable at the moment!). Check out the BTS 'Funko Pop! Rocks' figures doing a little dance, below! Full story

EXO-CBX announce encore Japanese concert, 'Magical Circus 2019 - Special Edition'

EXO-CBX are returning to Japan with their ' Magical Circus '! The subunit has just announced a special edition encore concert ' Magical Circus 2019 - Special Edition ' set to take place from April 16-17 in Saitama, and from April 27-29 in Kobe. This concert marks the encore version of the subunit's 1st arena tour 'Magical Circus' in 2018, where the boys toured a total of 4 Japanese cities over 8 shows. Could this also mean a comeback for ... Full story

Brothers held over 'attack' on Empire actor - BBC News

Chicago police have arrested two brothers in connection with the alleged attack on Empire actor Jussie Smollett. The US TV star needed hospital treatment last month after a suspected racist and homophobic attack . Police said on Friday they were questioning two Nigerian brothers for a second day. The men had worked as Empire extras, sometimes going to the gym with the actor, their lawyer said. Jussie Smollett said he'd been "forever changed" by ... Full story