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Coronavirus patient in Singapore shares his experience, Health News & Top Stories - The Straits Times

For an eternity, time stood still. No matter how often he checked the clock on the opposite wall, its hands never moved. Worse, he could not lift his own. To prevent him from pulling out the tubes in his nose, mouth and hands in his delirium, Mr Raymond Koh was tied down to his hospital bed. That week in March, when he lay seriously ill with Covid-19, was the scariest of his life, he told The Straits Times. A day after the 47-year-old bank IT ... Full story

‎This American Life on Apple Podcasts

I don't know if it's true for you, but I am SO very tired of listening to ridiculous, air-headed, disingenuous disc jockeys handing me "life trivia" stories of "public interest." Most of the time their false giggles make me want to puke. This American Life is so very different from any other radio experience I've probably ever had or will have. It captures, as well as it can, in audible form, the human condition, in all its delicious and ... Full story

New York has 1,000 coronavirus deaths

New York’S Coronavirus Death Toll Nears 1,000. Governor Andrew Cuomo addressed New York's response to the coronavirus pandemic as the state's death toll neared 1,000. New York state's death toll from the coronavirus outbreak surged Sunday above 1,000, less than a month after the first case was detected in the state. New York City reported in the evening that its toll had risen to 776. The total number of statewide deaths isn't expected to be ... Full story

Horror Movies Recreated In Animal Crossing: Shining, Midsommar & More

Animal Crossing New Horizons has allowed fans to get more creative than ever, turning their islands into scenes from iconic horror movies. The franchise's dedicated following was ecstatic when New Horizons was released for Nintendo Switch on March 20th, 2020. Many have spent hours or even days at a time playing and breezing through milestones like instituting Blathers' museum, getting enough iron nuggets to build Timmy and Tommy's store, and ... Full story

Italian engineers help coronavirus patients by harnessing snorkel masks for CPAP machines

What Is Coronavirus? From how it spreads to where it originated, here's a look at everything you need to know about the deadly contagion. ( FOX NEWS ) -- After news spread that the Italian innovation firm Isinnova successfully saved lives by 3D printing ventilator valves for its local hospital, CEO Cristian Fracassi and engineer Alessandro Romaioli fielded all sorts of calls from around the world. Many 3D-printing companies wanted to join in ... Full story

What Donald Trump's New Coronavirus Delays Could Mean for the Box Office

Sunday evening, President Donald Trump and his administration's coronavirus task force announced they'd be speaking with the Centers for Disease Control to recommend the social distancing regulations be extended through the end of April. On top of that, the President mentioned he expected the country to be in "great" shape by June, seemingly hinting the delays could eventually extend into May or beyond. It was an expected move as the virus ... Full story

Arizona congressman asks for Grand Canyon to be closed to help prevent COVID-19 spread

Arizona Congressman Asks For Grand Canyon To Be Closed To Help Prevent Covid-19 Spread. When social distancing became a recommendation by the Centers for Disease Control, many thought of ways they can still socially distance themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic. When social distancing became a recommendation by the Centers for Disease Control, many thought of ways they can still socially distance themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic . One ... Full story

Coronavirus pandemic puts emphasis on helping small businesses

FOX 29's Kelly Rule has the story. 2 hours ago. video. FOX 29's Lauren Dugan has more. 2 hours ago. video. FOX 29's Alex George has the story. 2 hours ago. video. FOX 29's Chris O'Connell has more. 2 hours ago. video. Matchmaker Erika Kaplan joins Good Day Weekend to share how folks can safely navigate the world of dating during a global health pandemic. 8 hours ago. video. Dr. Kelly Moore, a psychologist with Rutgers University, joins Good Day ... Full story

City Looking Into Adding Morgue Space At Medical Examiner’s Office – CBS Philly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia is looking into adding morgue space at the Medical Examiner’s Office in University City. The Philadelphia Department of Health says the news shouldn’t be alarming. Health department officials say it’s just part of the planning process. LATEST CORONAVIRUS STORIES. There have been eight deaths from the coronavirus in Philadelphia. Full story

Weather Authority: Sunshine returns Monday with warmer temperatures

Weather Authority: Sunshine Returns Monday With Warmer Temperatures. FOX 29's Kathy Orr had your Sunday evening forecast. Expect a break from the dark and wet weather that impacted the region over the weekend. Monday will feature plenty of sunshine with highs in the mid-60s across the region. The early morning hours will start cloudy with a chance of a pop-up shower. Clouds will break by 9 a.m. and rise into the 50s. Conditions will continue to ... Full story