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German prisoner identified as suspect - BBC News

Image caption Police have been searching for Madeleine McCann for over 13 years. A 43-year-old German prisoner who travelled around Portugal in a camper van is now the focus of Scotland Yard's investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Police believe he was in the area where the three-year-old was last seen in May 2007. They are appealing for information about the van and the suspect's other vehicle, a Jaguar. The man transferred ... Full story

From former presidents to religious leaders, everyone is turning on Trump

For the entirety of his presidency, Donald Trump has been happy to live with widespread disgust with his persona, his words and his actions. Because that disgust has come mostly from Democrats and representatives of elite institutions, he’s reveled in it, even using it to solidify the affections of his most ardent supporters. But the developments of the last couple days seem different. The disgust is now coming from people who long hesitated to ... Full story

Ella Jones Wins Election to Become First Black Mayor of Ferguson

Ferguson , Missouri made history on Tuesday by electing Ella Jones, the first black person and first woman to become mayor in the city. In a video chat filmed by Jason Rosenbaum after her victory, Jones looked ahead to the work that needed to be done in Ferguson, where Michael Brown was shot and killed by Darren Wilson back in 2014. "The common goal is the people," Jones said. "It's 'We the people.' I tell people all the time, if you go look in ... Full story

President Trump tried to register to vote in Florida using an out-of-state address

President Trump originally tried to register to vote in Florida while claiming his “legal residence” was in another part of the country — Washington, D.C. — according to Florida elections records. The September 2019 registration application listed Trump’s legal residence as 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, the location of the White House. That created a potential problem for Trump: Florida law requires voters to be legal residents of the state. A ... Full story

Trump denies protests forced him into bunker

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption 'I'm tired of being afraid': Why Americans are protesting. US President Donald Trump has denied reports he was rushed to the White House bunker on Friday night during anti-racism protests. Mr Trump told Fox News radio he went down during the day for a "tiny period of time" for an "inspection". There have been protests near the White House, and across the US, for days over the death in ... Full story

The George Floyd protests will not help Trump win reelection. Here’s why.

As protests against racial injustice continue throughout the country, many are wondering how the civil unrest will affect the 2020 presidential election. Some suspect President Trump’s threats to use military force to restore “ law and order ” could help his reelection efforts. After all, academic research suggests that 1960s white backlash against rising racial tensions and urban violence helped the Republican Party in general and bolstered ... Full story

Walmart removes firearms, ammunition from floor display as protests rage in U.S.

IFLE PHOTO: Walmart's logo is seen outside one of the stores in Chicago, Illinois, U.S., November 20, 2018. REUTERS/Kamil Krzaczynski. (Reuters) - Walmart Inc said on Wednesday it shifted firearms and ammunition out of sales floors of some U.S. stores amid nationwide protests over the death of an unarmed black man at the hands of police last week. “We have temporarily removed firearms and ammunition from the sales floor in some stores out of an ... Full story

Minneapolis to kick police out of public schools Washington Post

The Minneapolis Board of Education, reacting to the killing of George Floyd in police custody, is terminating its longtime contract with the city’s police department to provide security in school buildings. The panel voted unanimously late Tuesday to end its relationship with the department, which is now the subject of an investigation by the Minnesota state government that Gov. Tim Walz (D) said is designed to root out “systemic racism that is ... Full story

Florida sheriff encourages residents to shoot looters if they try to break into homes

Tuesday sees more peaceful protests. A Florida sheriff is gaining national attention for his strong words about using gun violence against potential looters. During a press conference on Monday, Polk County Sheriff Judd Grady praised peaceful protesters – then, he addressed anyone who may threaten criminal conduct during demonstrations. Grady said the department "had received information on social media that some folks were threatening to take ... Full story

George Floyd death: Anti-racism sites hit by wave of cyber-attacks

Cyber-attacks against anti-racism organisations shot up in the wake of the death of George Floyd, a leading provider of protection services says. Cloudflare, which blocks attacks designed to knock websites offline, says advocacy groups in general saw attacks increase 1,120-fold. Mr Floyd's death, in police custody, has sparked nationwide civil unrest in the US. Government and military websites also saw a notable increase in attacks. DDoS ... Full story