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Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Shares Recent Struggles With Depression

On June 16, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon answered fan questions on Instagram Stories and opened up about her recent struggles with her mental health. During the informal Q&A, Taeyeon answered questions frankly, responding with a simple “No” to questions like, “Are you doing well?”, “Did you watch soccer last night?”, and “Do you read YouTube comments?” In response to a question about how to get over a slump, she responded, “I’m not good at ... Full story

(G)I-DLE Drops 1st Teaser For June Comeback With “Uh-Oh”

(G)I-DLE has unveiled their very first teaser for their highly-anticipated summer comeback! On June 17 at midnight KST, (G)I-DLE released a teaser image for their upcoming digital single “Uh-Oh,” which is due out on June 26 at 6 p.m. KST. (G)I-DLE’s last comeback was in February of this year, when they released their second mini album “I made” featuring the title track “ Senorita .”. Are you excited for (G)I-DLE’s return? What kind of concept ... Full story

Stray Kids hop on the bus with a one way ticket in MV teaser for 'Side Effects'

Stray Kids have dropped the MV teaser for " Side Effects ". In this cinematic teaser, the boys take an elevator up to a mysterious level called ' YW ', which takes them out to a beautiful scenery of golden yellow colors. As a bus comes to a stop, the boys hop on the ride and give the bus driver a one way ticket. Details such as the destination written as " new world " and the strange mark on the driver's hand add mysterious to the teaser. What ... Full story

TWICE releases preview for 'TWICELAND ZONE 2 : Fantasy Park' concert DVD & Blu-ray

TWICE has released the preview clip for their concert DVD / Blu-ray. In this clip, the members of TWICE welcome you to their ' TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park ', where you can virtually experience the girl group's 2nd tour since debut. From the hot stages of their songs to moments of the members wiping off their heartfelt tears, the preview will give you a glimpse of the DVD / Blu-ray of the show overall. Pre-orders for the merchandise will ... Full story

Israel unveils 'Trump Heights' settlement - BBC News

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has unveiled a new settlement in the occupied Golan Heights, named after the US President Donald Trump. At a naming ceremony on Sunday, Mr Netanyahu said Trump Heights honoured Mr Trump for recognising of Israel's sovereignty over the territory . Building work has yet to begin but a sign bearing Mr Trump's name and US and Israeli flags was unveiled. Critics called the move a publicity stunt with no legal authority. ... Full story

(G)I-DLE officially announce comeback plans with new digital single 'Uh-Oh'

(G)I-DLE has officially announced their comeback title! As reported, this girl group from Cube Entertainment was spotted in Gyeonggi just three days ago, allegedly shooting their new MV. Today, on June 17 KST, the group dropped the teaser image for a new digital single " Uh-Oh ", confirming their plans to return with a colorful retro concept. The song is set to be released on June 26 at 6 PM KST. Are you excited for (G)I-DLE's comeback? Stay ... Full story

Brand New Music CEO Rhymer Sends Warning About Malicious Comments Against KittiB

Rhymer gave a stern warning to those posting malicious comments about KittiB. On June 16, the Brand New Music CEO posted a screenshot of a comment under KittiB’s music profile on a music streaming website. The comment said, “Go f***ing kill yourself.”. Rhymer wrote, “As it has been the case thus far, I will not sit back and watch the spread of groundless rumors, personal attacks, and sexual insults against our artists. I sincerely thank fans ... Full story

5 remarkable animal dads

In honor of Father’s Day, we’re celebrating some outstanding animal dads who go to great lengths for their offspring, whether it's protecting them from threats, keeping them warm and fed, or socializing them through play. Here’s a look at five remarkable animal dads:. 1. Mountain Gorilla. Male mountain gorillas, known as silverback gorillas because of the coloring of their coats when they mature, lead cohesive families, defending females and ... Full story

Ahn Bo Hyun Shares Behind-The-Scenes Stories From The Set Of “Her Private Life”

Recently, actor Ahn Bo Hyun sat down for an interview to talk about his most recent drama, tvN’s “ Her Private Life .”. “Her Private Life” stars Park Min Young as Sung Duk Mi, a polished gallery curator who leads a secret life as an idol fangirl, and Kim Jae Wook as Ryan Gold, her boss who finds out about her double life. Ahn Bo Hyun appears in the drama as Nam Eun Gi, Sung Duk Mi’s childhood friend and a former Olympic silver medalist in judo. ... Full story

Rapper KittiB shows off her vocals in new song 'Anymore'

Rapper KittiB has dropped her new song " Anymore ". The MV, similar to the teaser, has a dark, almost haunted castle. "Anymore" is the title track of her upcoming album ' 1718 [SALEM ] ', which also includes " Bad Blood " and " Witch ", and it's her first comeback in 2 years. The rapper not only raps, but also shows off her vocals in the new song. Check out "Anymore" above. Full story