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SuperM tops Billboard 200 with their first mini-album

SuperM has topped Billboard 200 . The boys' first mini-album earned 168,000 units, going past Summer Walker for the ... Full story

WINNER drops tracklist for 'Cross'

WINNER has dropped their tracklist. The boys' 3rd mini-album, titled ' CROSS ', will contain 6 songs: title song " Soso ", " OMG ", " Dress Up ", Lee Seung Hoon 's solo " Flamenco ", Kang Seung Yoon 's solo " Wind ", and " Don't Be Shy ". All the songs are worked on by Song Min Ho , Kang Seung Yoon, or Lee Seung Hoon. Check out the tracklist below and get ready for October 23rd at 6PM KST. Full story

TWICE and Kakao Friends to launch collaboration goods

TWICE and Kakao Friends will be launching their collaboration goods. The TWICE x Kakao Friends collaboration is the first time that TWICE has had. The collaboration will include 23 different goods with the concept 'Always Together'. The girls have already released 9 pin badges with the brand, and now they'll be releasing a total of 23 different goods. The 'beauty' goods will be by Jihyo , Jungyeon , and Mina , the 'living' goods will be by ... Full story

ARIAZ is ready to debut with their 'Grand Opera' time table

ARIAZ has released their time table. Star Empire 's subsidiary, Rising Star Entertainment , will be debuting ARIAZ . The girl group consists of 6 members: Yoonji , Dawon , Sihyun , Yeori , Hyokyung , and Jooeun . Yoonji and Sihyun are from ' Produce 101 ' season 1, and Hyokyung was on ' MIXNINE '. The girls will be debuting with mini-album ' Grand Opera '. Check out the time table below and get ready for their debut. Full story

Bada to have a solo comeback for the first time in 3 years

S.E.S 's Bada is having a solo comeback. Her label revealed, " Bada will be coming back with her new song ' Off the Record ' on the 24th. " The song contains a message that Bada wants to tell everyone through her song. It's been 3 years since her last solo song, and 2 years since she released " Remember " with S.E.S for their 20th anniversary. Check out the teaser image below. Full story

2019 Global NGO Technology Report

An annual report that seeks to gain a better understanding of how charitable organizations worldwide use technology. info_outline. By clicking, you're subscribing to Funraise's email newsletter. Don’t worry, you can unsubscribe at any time. Full story

Zendaya Says Euphoria Gave Her 'Anxiety Every Week'

The show may be called Euphoria , but it gave star Zendaya the opposite effect: anxiety. In a new interview with Elle , Zendaya opened up about some of the issues she found herself dealing with as she was shooting the show, as well as its release as it finally was on the air for people to watch. " Euphoria was eight months of my life, and now that it’s done I’m like, ‘Fuck,’" she said. "You put your shit out there, and it’s a really terrifying ... Full story

JoJo's New Song Is A Clever, Confident Response To Cancel Culture

JoJo is ready to launch a new era, but first, she has a few things to get off her chest. As you may remember, the singer reemerged in 2016 with the excellent Mad Love , and then re-recorded and re-released her first two albums at the end of last year, as a way to push back against nagging label roadblocks. Now, her reinvention is finally taking form — she recently swapped labels, and has spent some necessary time processing her past, which we ... Full story

Red Velvet's Joy shares endearing photos taken by her mother

Red Velvet 's Joy has shared new photos of herself taken by her mother. On October 13, Joy took to her personal Instagram and uploaded several photos taken at an ordinary shop. At this store, where they seem to sell antique china, textiles, and ceramic displays, Joy posed naturally with the objects, dressed casually and adorably. With these photos, Joy noted in the caption that they were taken by her mother, suggesting that they were spending ... Full story

Key allegations from the Ukraine whistleblower are true, despite what Trump says

President Donald Trump is pushing back against a damning whistleblower complaint about his dealings with Ukraine by falsely claiming the complaint has been debunked. According to a CNN analysis, however, the overwhelming majority of allegations in the complaint have been corroborated by official government documents, Trump’s public statements, and news reporting. The nine-page complaint is now at the center of the Democratic-led impeachment ... Full story