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Park Bom To Reportedly Make Comeback With Song Featuring MAMAMOO’s Wheein

Park Bom is gearing up for her return with a special featuring artist! On April 19, industry representatives reported that she will be releasing a new single produced by Brave Brothers next month. According to the report, MAMAMOO’s Wheein will be featuring in the track. Park Bom previously hinted at her return through a mysterious post on Instagram. The single featuring Wheein will reportedly be released on May 2. Source ( 1 ). How does this ... Full story

Blackwater founder Erik Prince helped fund effort tied to obtaining Clinton's emails

Blackwater founder Erik Prince was involved in funding an effort to verify if a cache of stolen emails purporting to be from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's private email server were legitimate, according to special counsel Robert Muel Full story

Male Idols Who Remind Us Of Beautiful Cherry Blossoms With Their Pink Hair

Cherry blossoms blooming signal the arrival of spring in Korea. It makes your heart beat a little faster to watch the cherry blossoms under the warm sun. Some celebrities even remind us of these lovely cherry blossoms with their pink hair color. Here are some male celebrities who can pull off the pink hair to add to their charm:. BTS’S JIMIN. Check out Jimin showing off his beautiful pink hair in a concept photo of BTS’s new album “Map of the ... Full story

Celebration of Japan’s new era big opportunity for business

TOKYO (AP) — Japan is getting ready for its biggest celebration in years with the advent of the Reiwa era of soon-to-be emperor Naruhito. That means big opportunities for businesses hoping consumers will splash out on long holidays and memorabilia. Many Japanese will get their longest ever “Golden Week” holidays, 10 days to mark May 1′s beginning of the new era following Emperor Akihito’s abdication on April 30, and some are taking advantage of ... Full story

Fans discover AOMG's LOCO on duty as traffic officer

AOMG 's LOCO was recently spotted in the Gwanghwamun area of Seoul, South Korea. While fans are usually accustomed to seeing him dressed in outfits full of swag, they were able to see him in a fresh new police officer uniform on the streets! LOCO is currently serving his mandatory service as a conscripted police officer. Full story

Knife crime: Prince Charles calls for end to 'pervasive horror'

Prince Charles has called for an end to the "pervasive horror of knife crime" in an Easter message. The Prince of Wales says offenders must be punished, but forgiveness has an "extraordinary power" to change them. It comes as concern grows over youth-related violence, with campaigners calling it a "national emergency". Writing in the Daily Telegraph , the prince also spoke about "terrible deeds of darkness" committed against Muslims in the ... Full story

IZ*ONE confirmed to make their first guest appearance as 12 on 'Knowing Brothers'

IZ*ONE will be making their first guest appearance as a full group on JTBC 's ' Knowing Brothers '! On April 18, a representative from JTBC told media outlets, "The IZ*ONE members are currently filming 'Knowing Brothers'." IZ*ONE's guest appearance on 'Knowing Brothers' is expected to air some time in mid-May. It looks like Miyawaki Sakura will be able to reunite with her ' Everyone's Kitchen ' co-star Kang Ho Dong ! Full story

Target release a 'Beautiful' MV teaser for their 2nd single album comeback

Rookie boy group Target has released a " Beautiful " MV teaser for their comeback title track! The rookie group will be returning with their 2nd single album ' M The M (Message The Moon ) ' this April 22 at 12 PM KST. The boys' unique MV teaser above takes an elegant and pure, sparkling evening concept, and the Target members each smile softly toward the camera. Stay tuned for Target's comeback with an emotional transformation! Full story

Ex-Nixon White House counsel: Mueller report 'more damning' than Watergate

John Dean, the former White House counsel for President Nixon, said Thursday that special counsel Robert Mueller Robert Swan Mueller Sasse: US should applaud choice of Mueller to lead Russia probe MORE 's report was "more damning" than the Watergate report. “I looked on my shelf for the Senate Watergate Committee report, I looked at the Iran Contra report. I also looked at the Ken Starr report,” Dean said on CNN’s “The Lead.”. “In 400 words, ... Full story

Signage at 'Roy Kim Forest' in Gangnam removed

On April 19, the Gangnam-gu office confirmed to media outlets that the signage in front of ' Roy Kim Forest ' inside a public park in Gaepo-dong, Gangnam has been removed. In addition to the signage in front of the forest, a fan mail box located next to the signage, as well as each tree marker within the forest, were removed as of April 17. The forest houses over 1,000 trees, planted with funds from fan donations in partnership with the city of ... Full story