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Asia's 9 busiest airports in 2019

(CNN) — With Beijing's new world-beating airport set to open this year, it adds to the list of megahubs in the region already vying for passengers and airlines while innovating along the way. The continent holds nine of the world's top 20 busiest airports by total passenger numbers (including both domestic and international flights), according to the latest report by Airports Council International highlighting preliminary 2018 figures. Three of ... Full story

Greta Thunberg: Teen tells UK politicians 'listen to climate scientists'

Image caption Greta Thunberg sparked an international movement fighting against climate change. A teenage climate change activist has urged British politicians to "listen to the scientists" on climate change. Greta Thunberg, 16, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that she did not expect to change their minds single-handedly, saying: "We need to do that together.". The Swedish teenager, who inspired the school climate strikes movement, is ... Full story

He promised ‘hugs, not bullets.’ Now Mexico’s AMLO is facing an outcry over soaring violence.

Mexico's president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. (Alejandro Cegarra/Bloomberg News). MEXICO CITY — He promised to be the president of “hugs, not bullets,” and to bring peace to Mexico after years of surging criminal violence. But Andrés Manuel López Obrador is facing a public outcry after a massacre at a birthday party that has revived a sense that the country is spinning out of control. The attack stood out for its brutality. Gunmen burst into ... Full story

Nana thanks After School members for a coffee cart to the set of her drama 'Kill It'

Nana couldn't hide her happiness at a surprise gift from none other than her After School members, on the set of her ongoing drama! On April 23, Nana wrote via Instagram, "After School forever. I love you members, thank you.". The After School member/actress shared excited photos posing in front of the coffee cart sent by her fellow members, holding up a cup with her co-star Ji Il Joo and also sharing the lovely picture slideshow attached to ... Full story

Ji Chang Wook in talks to return to tvN for his first drama back from mandatory service

Actor Ji Chang Wook , set to be discharged from his mandatory military service this April 27, is in talks to star in a new tvN drama! On April 23, tvN confirmed to news outlets, "It's true we offered Ji Chang Wook a role as the lead of ' Make Me Melt '. He is currently looking over it.". The upcoming, sci-fi/comedy Fri-Sat drama 'Make Me Melt' revolves around a man and a woman who participate in a human freezing experiment. Due to an accident, ... Full story

“Inkigayo” Explains Why BTS Was Not Nominated For 1st Place In Recent Episode

“ Inkigayo ” has spoken up in response to fans’ criticisms about the program’s chart ranking system and why BTS was not nominated for first place in the show’s April 21 broadcast. On April 23, BTS fans uploaded complaints on the program’s viewer message board saying things like, “Reveal how the numbers are counted on the chart,” and, “Explain why [BTS] was omitted from the rankings.” Their complaints were due to BTS’s title track “ Boy With Luv ... Full story

Sri Lanka attacks: Mass funeral on day of mourning News

Image caption Mourners attended a funeral near St Sebastian Church in Negombo. The first mass funeral has begun in Sri Lanka as the country marks a day of mourning for the victims of Sunday's bomb blasts. The death toll of the attacks on churches and hotels has increased to 310, police said on Tuesday. The country has observed three minutes of silence and a state of emergency is in effect to prevent further attacks. Sri Lanka's government has ... Full story

News Daily: Sri Lanka security row, and New IRA admits McKee killing

If you want to get this briefing by email, sign-up here. SRI LANKA SECURITY ROW AFTER BOMBINGS. Sri Lanka's prime minister has said his cabinet was not told that security agencies had been watching the National Thowheed Jamath jihadist group which is accused of carrying out a series of bombings against churches and hotels, killing at least 290 people. Ranil Wickremesinghe was reportedly left out of intelligence briefings due to a rift with the ... Full story

AB6IX release final trailer film for mystery member Jeon Woong

AB6IX have released the final trailer film for their 5th, mystery member, Jeon Woong . Finally, #5 in AB6IX's ' The Absolute Beginning ' series confirms that Jeon Woong is the hooded thief who appeared in the other members' trailer films. Maintaining his air of mystery, Jeon Woong directs a lidded gaze toward the camera as flashes of the symbolic, white doorway pass by dramatically. Meanwhile, AB6IX plan to debut some time this May. Full story

Spectrum's final member Hwarang shows up to the 'Afterparty' in refreshing individual image

Spectrum 's final member Hwarang has shown up to the " Afterparty "! After a series of individual teaser photos with Minjae , Villain , Eunjun , Donggyu , and Jaehan , Hwarang is the final member up with a bright image, getting ready for the group's full comeback with their 3rd single album, ' Refreshing Time '. Spectrum's 3rd single album, containing their title track "Afterparty" and second track " Manito ", is set for release on April 29! Full story