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Biden and Harris proved it doesn’t take a rally to deliver a big message

There were plenty of applause lines but without any applause, so the words had a chance to sit in the air so listeners could take their full measure. They could feel the weight of each syllable. It was politics stripped down to just the players, a man and a woman vying for the country’s highest offices standing at a lectern in a Wilmington, Del., gymnasium that was more empty than full. Support our journalism. Subscribe today. A man and a woman ... Full story

New Zealand scrambles to trace cluster, reporting 14 new virus cases

(Reuters) - New Zealand officials were scrambling to trace the source of an outbreak of the coronavirus, reporting 14 new cases on Thursday, as long queues of people formed to escape a renewed lockdown in the country’s biggest city or be tested for the virus. FILE PHOTO: New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern speaks during a joint press conference held with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison at Admiralty House in Sydney, Australia, ... Full story

14 new Covid-19 cases reported - BBC News

New Zealand has reported 14 new Covid-19 cases a day after its biggest city, Auckland, went back into lockdown. The detection of four new infected family members earlier this week shocked a country that had recorded no locally transmitted cases for more than three months. Of the new cases, 13 have been linked back to this family, while one is an overseas arrival who was in quarantine. A three-day lockdown was imposed in Auckland on Wednesday. ... Full story

Opinion | Kanye West can’t win. But that was never the point.

Kanye West can’t possibly end up in the White House — but that, of course, was never the point. The hip-hop star says he isn’t running for president to win; rather, he’s “walking … to win.” Whether this is lyricism or gibberish is hard to say. What’s easier to say is that the GOP operatives submitting signatures and disputing missed deadlines to stick a guy with mental health issues on the ballot are very cynical, very racist and also very ... Full story

Opinion supplementing unemployment benefits still has major legal problems

Support our journalism. Subscribe today. His executive actions, he declared , “will take care of, pretty much, this entire situation.”. Instead, he revealed his administration’s inability to do the bare minimum homework necessary even when it actually wants to govern. Full coverage of the coronavirus pandemic. Trump’s memorandum allowing federal student loan payments to continue being deferred, through the end of the year, seems fine. But his ... Full story

Majority white counties have significantly fewer COVID-19 cases: Study

U.S. counties predominantly composed of white people have reported the fewest coronavirus cases, while diverse counties have been hit disproportionately harder by COVID-19, new research shows. Researchers analyzed publicly available U.S. Census data and found that while 22% of counties have a predominantly Black population, those counties accounted for 47% of COVID-19 cases and 54% of deaths as of June. That racial disparity held true ... Full story

China's debt collectors flourish as consumers flounder in a COVID-hit economy

SHANGHAI/BEIJING (Reuters) - It’s not a good sign for any economy when debt collectors are booming and in China right now, the industry is on a hiring spree. FILE PHOTO: People wearing protective face masks are seen in Lujiazui financial district in Pudong, in Shanghai, following the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, China June 4, 2020. REUTERS/Aly Song. Whole Scene Asset Management, a debt recovery firm based in the southern province of ... Full story

Argentina and Mexico to produce AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine

Argentina's President Alberto Fernandez gestures during the announcement that Argentina and Mexico will produce and distribute an experimental coronavirus vaccine, at the Olivos Presidential residence, in Buenos Aires, Argentina August 12, 2020. Juan Mabromata/Pool via REUTERS. BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Argentina and Mexico will produce the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine for most of Latin America, Argentine President Alberto Fernandez said on ... Full story

Opinion picked a Black woman. And then it happened. Post

I thought it didn’t matter — until it did. Now, I can say out loud that Sen. Kamala D. Harris — a Black woman, a woman of color, a daughter of immigrants — is former vice president Joe Biden’s choice to help him rid the White House of Donald Trump and build a better future. And it feels awfully good to say. Support our journalism. Subscribe today. Like most of the Black women I know, I was prepared to accept any of the choices under ... Full story

Special Report: Last doctor standing Indian hospital to brink

BHAGALPUR, India (Reuters) - Guards armed with rifles escort Dr. Kumar Gaurav as he makes the rounds at his hospital on the banks of the Ganges River. Dr. Kumar Gaurav, 42, a medical professor and consultant psychiatrist who has been named the top official at Jawahar Lal Nehru Medical College and Hospital during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, despite being one of its most junior consultants, is helped by a colleague to put on ... Full story