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EXO-SC roll out more luxurious teaser images for 'What a Life'

The new EXO unit has released new teaser images. On July 21, EXO-SC dropped two individual images of Sehun and Chanyeol , the fresh duo from SM Entertainment which will soon drop their 1st mini-album ' What a Life '. As seen previously , they recently pre-released the MV for " Just Us 2 ", a side track featuring Gaeko . In the photos, the boys separately enjoy a moment in a large mansion with a chandelier and a swimming pool. Stay tuned for ... Full story

Where were you when man first landed on the Moon?

Image caption "One small step for man...". It is claimed that 22 million watched the coverage of Neil Armstrong's historic moonwalk in Britain on the day, but the number who actually saw it live was probably rather smaller because it was an event that unexpectedly took place in the middle of the night, UK time. But for many who did manage to make it to the big moment, it was life-changing. Fifty years on, we speak to three people who have been ... Full story

Ailee Cancels Upcoming Busan Performance Due To Typhoon

Ailee has announced a cancellation for an upcoming performance. The singer planned to hold her third busking performance project “Shaking Movement” on July 21 in Busan at Gwangalli Beach Park. On July 20, however, Ailee alerted fans with a notice. She wrote, “Hello everyone. The typhoon has died out but the impact of the typhoon is continuing in Busan, so I’ve decided to regretfully cancel this ‘Shaking Movement’ in Busan. I’ll cherish the ... Full story

Watch: Park Sung Woong And Jung Kyung Ho Take Over “Amazing Saturday” In New Preview

Two stars will be joining the cast of “Amazing Saturday” to guess lyrics and win delicious food! On July 20, the variety show released a preview of next week’s episode featuring Park Sung Woong and Jung Kyung Ho , who will be starring in tvN’s upcoming drama “When the Devil Calls Your Name.”. In the preview, Park Sung Woong and Jung Kyung Ho take on the roles of a devil and angel, respectively. Park Sung Woong immediately takes control of the ... Full story

Kim Dong Jun Talks About “Chief Of Staff,” Advice From Im Siwan, And More

The first season of Kim Dong Jun ’s latest drama, “Chief of Staff,” recently came to a conclusion . Following the ending, the idol-turned-actor participated in an interview to talk about various topics concerning his career. First off, Kim Dong Jun talked about his anticipation for the viewership ratings of the second season of “Chief of Staff.” He said, “As season one ended in a dramatic fashion, I think you will look forward to [season two] ... Full story

Artist paints naked women to empower them

Image caption Brittany Van Wezel wants to empower women to see themselves as works of art. An artist who learned to love her body after painting nude self-portraits has helped other women regain their confidence by painting them naked. Women who struggled to accept their appearance after weight gain, pregnancy and miscarriage have all posed for Brittany Van Wezel. "I want to empower them and make them see themselves as works of art," she said. ... Full story

Stoke-on-Trent mum's cancer misdiagnosis down to 'human error'

Image caption Sarah Boyle was misdiagnosed with cancer after noticing problems breastfeeding her son Teddy. A mother underwent a double mastectomy after doctors wrongly diagnosed her with an aggressive form of cancer. Sarah Boyle, 28, was told she had triple negative breast cancer after she had difficulty breastfeeding her baby. Mrs Boyle underwent chemotherapy and later needed reconstructive surgery before the mistake was noticed, leaving her ... Full story

No time to lose for going solar and sustainable, says Greenpeace executive director

Greenpeace International’s Jennifer Morgan is seen at a recent demonstration for climate protection in Germany. Morgan warns against continued reliance on fossil fuels, saying that Greenpeace is helping promote solar power in Greece. [Gordon Welters/Greenpeace]. As the global debate about climate change and its effects gathers pace amid a rise in freak weather phenomena across the world, but also in Greece which just this month experienced a ... Full story

宮迫 is LIVE

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Algae bio-curtains: Architects' radical solution to capture carbon

Media player Video. An alternative to urban trees known as "bio-curtains" is being developed by a team of architects and scientists in London. The curtains use the power of algae to absorb carbon dioxide from the air. The architects EcoLogicStudio created the technology in collaboration with University College London and University of Innsbruck. A smartphone film by digital reporter Dougal Shaw. Go to next video: Unleashing the power of moss to ... Full story