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In what could be construed as a “surprise, no surprise,” 3GPP has decided to delay Release 16 by three months, so it’s now due for a freeze in March 2020 rather than December 2019. It’s a surprise—one commentator described as a “mini-bombshell”—because, well, it’s unexpected. But it’s also not surprising given the amount of work that has been going on in 3GPP with Release 15 and the sheer volume of change requests (CRs) falling on vendors’ doorsteps. 3GPP held its Plenary #82 meeting in Sorrento, Italy, this past week and toward the end of the meeting, Nokia’s Balazs Berternyi made the announcement that the Release 15 “functional freeze” will be delayed by three months, now due in M... Vollständiger Text

12 January