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Looks like this baby bear is about to be grounded by his mom! ?? Wow .... ?? Clever house repair life hacks. LOL.... Didn't expect that!!! :v. #lovely kittens. Beautiful Eiffel Tower , Paris France. This is So Cool. So cute & adorable. Don't never ...ever disturb a sleeping dog.... !!!! I have NEVER heard a rooster crow like this before. What a performer. Wow ! . Must Share with your friends .. Corgi wants to help mummy clean ?? Available here: 2-in-1 comfy cat mat. Cats love hiding, playing and lounging in the tunnel design. Puppy thinks he's a teddy bear. 'Air Swimmers' are probably the coolest balloons ever! You can get them here: Kitten Sits on Laptop Vollständiger Text

11 Dezember